Understanding The Legal Pitfalls Of Expert Witness Discussions And Meetings

Modern society is run pursuant to the rule of law. For all the groaning this results in, not to mention lawyer jokes, the rule of law allows us to set forth basic methods of doing things such as contracts and rules of conduct. When a dispute arises, however, litigation can commence. When the matter is something intellectually complex, the use of an expert witness is called for.

If you are the expert for the plaintiff, you should consider all possibilities. Be prepared to justify why you may have selected one possibility out of several as the foundation of your testimony.

When you have your forensic psychology degree, you will be able to work in many different capacities. Since you are a psychologist, you can likely find work in any location that needs a qualified psychologist. In the realm of criminal justice, you have quite a few options available. Some psychologists work in the court system, and others work in corrections. Some choose to work in hospitals for the criminally insane. Others enjoy the thought of teaching and begin teaching psychology. You can find research positions as well. In some cases, you might be called upon to become an Expert witness directory in a trial. You could be working with either the defense or the prosecution.

At times an opposing counsel will surprise you with completely new facts. Take extra time to assess exactly what has been introduced before expressing your response. This will give your lawyer an opportunity to object to the facts if that is suitable. Otherwise, if you have never seen the new material and are not familiar with it, you should maintain your objectivity and fairness, and appear perfectly willing to consider it. In any event, you should state that you have not had any previous opportunity to evaluate the material.

Because decisions are not based solely on reason and logic, emotional intelligence is clearly important to success. There are two things for sure: there is never enough data, and the data is always ambiguous. Let’s say you have $100,000 to invest. Is real estate the best long-term producer, or is the stock market? It depends on who’s talking to you, what they’re selling, and what chart they show you. I’ve seen it “proven conclusively” both ways. And for each of you readers who silently mouthed “But it’s real estate, because…” there was another mouthing “stocks, because…”!

As a result, we run the risk of becoming jaded about the entire legal process. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Isn’t that true? It would certainly be nice if that’s how people felt, but I don’t think it is. Oh we applaud the saying, and if the finger of the law points our way we certainly demand our rights. But we’re a judgmental society. We zero in on flaws and weaknesses, and crack them wide open for our perusal. Jurors are reminded to determine the value of cases based on the facts and evidence. We actually have to be reminded!

If the DUI is a first offense, doesn’t have many disputed facts and a guilty plea is intended, then the flat fees could be $500 – $1,200. Depending upon experience, an attorney may charge between $1,300 – $2,500 or even more. It depends upon the experience of the attorney. Often, attorneys who are experienced in DUI say that they can pay more attention to each case by charging more for each case. The reason for this is that they are able to carry a lighter caseload. Naturally, an attorney who has more experience will cost you more. When you are planning your defense, it’s a good idea to interview several attorneys and find the best one possible who will fit your budget.

A Good Minneapolis DWI attorney can explain everything in court. You were exhausted, they were rude and that will account for your otherwise odd behavior. Next he or she will bring in an expert witness that will prove to the court that you drank just prior to driving. Thus; the alcohol was absorbed into your system during the ride in the police car, not while you were behind the wheel. You were not drunk while you were driving! People walk every day using this defense.

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Understanding The Legal Pitfalls Of Expert Witness Discussions And Meetings

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