Survey Results: Top Ten Most Annoying Wwe Superstars Of 2008

If you can, then you should try to coach your kid in a positive way. You don’t want to destroy his self-confidence by constantly being negative to him. Give him a lot of feedback and make sure that he knows when he hits a good move or had a good win. Encourage him, but never yell at him. There are a lot of parents that only yell at their kids which does not help them grow as a wrestler. Wait until they are older and are better able to cope with it. Encourage every good thing that he does as this will make him want to do the same thing over and over.

Oranges $1 – I have trouble buying oranges for home. It seems like a crap shoot on getting the sweet juicy ones or the dry yucky ones. Also pealing an orange with a hand that has just been wrestling can be yuckiery still.

From my part nothing got cut. But I know they shot a lot of footage like car chases and stuff like that. You just never know how much of that made it into the final film.

I used to like the brawling type of matches, like Hogan and GoldBerg, but now I prefer the technical style wrestling, like that of Kurt angle, and the high flying, with wrestlers like RVD and newer guys like Kaz or the Motor City Machine Guns.

I’m trying to keep up with it. I have a wife and two daughters so I’m alone in the house in terms of wanting to watch wrestling. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of it. I like to see when John [Cena] wrestles. I like when Triple H wrestles. I like when Randy Orton wrestles. I like to see the drama play out between those three guys.

Along with Cena, who plays a detective on the trail of an ex-con who has kidnapped his girlfriend, actor Gonzalo Menendez, 37, stars as Agent Ray Santiago, another special agent on the case.

2009: Someone, somewhere, goes a step too far when they assume West’s identity on Twitter. “I DON’T HAVE A F***ING TWITTER… WHY WOULD I USE TWITTER???” he writes. Why indeed, when there are so many awards shows to vent your opinion at?

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Survey Results: Top Ten Most Annoying Wwe Superstars Of 2008

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