Promoting Your Blog Through Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve seen those photos of candy corn cupcakes and chocolate-covered bacon (hey, we’re guilting of pinning that one ourselves). But is it harmless food gawking or can those outrageous treat photos make you head toward the real thing?

Surprisingly, blogging is one of the most affordable ways to advertise your business. You do not have to pay for expensive printouts or other regular advertising campaigns. Blogging allows you unlimited space to promote your business.

“Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With the Beatles”: May 25: Historian Ian Wright and a tribute to Ray Manzarek. On radio stations in the U.S., Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, U.K. and Germany and online on MaccaRadio, Fab4Radio and Beatles-A-Rama and LV Classic Rock. Show website.

As with any article . . . the facts of this article had been verified as being a correct accounting of each fact ahead of printing. Further, this journalist has confirmed the facts found within this article with Stephane (Stefan) Vanel, himself.

In the past, my clients with eating disorders have told me stories of watching the food channel or spend hours paging through food magazines. Now, it is spending a great deal of time on the Internet. They aren’t just going onto free blog submission sites for free traffic and looking for pictures of desserts for inspiration or a new recipe. People who struggle with food are often looking at these photos, stimulating their appetites, increasing their cravings and then resisting as if a battle of wills to reaffirm or test their power over their desire for food.

Another way to use them is to find images that your fans would enjoy and posting them, kind of like sharing images you’ve found. This is good for business niches because you can show infographics. For the self-help niche, you can pin images with inspirational quotes.

Writing, distributing, and repurposing your content like this over the course of 6 months will give you more traffic than you can shake a very large stick at!

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