Just A Few Ways Of Using Flowers

Is this possible? A wedding for $5,000 today? Sounds like something out of the 1950’s, doesn’t it? But with some creative ideas and due diligence, you can not only have a wedding for that amount, but a day that you and others will never forget.

Pictures frames are a very easy wedding favor to give and you can personalize them by having your photographer take photos of each guest. Then hand them out at your wedding reception. He should have a digital printer and be prepared to print off the pictures in the size of the frame you Preserved roses are handing out.

Feathers are also very popular. Again, a combination of fresh flowers with feathers makes a good choice. They can be worn alone or with a veil. Feathers are usually less formal. The can be sexy as in a pair of boudoir satin heels with ostrich feathers.

The weather will be a little cooler than it’s been today. It will be a good day for a drive. So hop into your car this morning or after church and take a drive through Lynchburg’s early spring.

If you’re short on money, consider renting diamonds for your wedding day. This will allow you to look stunning without actually having to invest in the diamonds.

This is a really unique gift for Grandma this mother’s day. A beautiful keepsake for your Grandma made with real Eternity roses. Each red, ivory or pink rose is dried and then dipped in a sealer to lock in the freshness and natural beauty. These preserved roses will remain vibrant ensuring that its a lasting keepsake. Wooden base and double sided glass dome. There are 3 poems you can choose from for this dome. Verse is printed on both sides of the dome. You can replace on side with a wallet size picture by inserting it though the slot in the base of the dome.

I was now a “big boy” and was almost expelled again from kindergarten because once again I was more “lover” than “nap-timer”.I remember my first kiss. I was playing kitchen with Carrie Cinnamon when I told her I had a magic trick to show her. I then threw a black cloth over our heads and kissed her.

So you see – weddings do not have to be expensive. Give it some thought and you will come up with even more creative ideas on your own. This way, you’ll have your special day without bringing thousands of dollars of bills into your marriage with you. Enjoy!

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