How Not To Market Your Business Pt 2

Picking a developer may be, for example, deciding on a plumber. Who do you trust? Which of them are authentic and those that will cause you to suffer from their own pockets? I have compiled a customer satisfaction survey that we think you should always ask before the release site. It should not issue if you are going to an expensive site that has it all, performing and bouncing and easy site – you will still need to provide and receive excellent support.

You should expect to pay anything from GBP30-GBP60 per season than your typical web hosting site. More than this, and I would walk away. On the other hand, if you are informed that your web hosting is the “free forever”, then I would also be suspect. Perhaps you will pay high fees to supplement their sector address…

Schedule some of your time to writing articles about your product(s). This will start to establish you as an expert. Give away free information. As people begin to trust what you tell them, they are more inclined to ask you questions and buy from you.

As soon as you get a new customer, thank them for doing business with you. Send them a thank you note, an extra report, or something of value. Let them know that you appreciate their business and show them that you care about them. It can have an amazing effect! One small act that shows how much you value your new customer can create a customer for life.

From time to time, do a talktowendys. Test to see if your clients are happy with your service and ask them for suggestions for improvement. Then act on these suggestions.

You need bulk Internet speed for rapid flow of data between your company’s branches. That is why you need DS3. DS3 is offered by some of the leading master solution provider in the world today such as AT&T, Qwest, Covad and XO Communication through its XO Colo division, among others. They are the best not just here in North America but in major cities in almost 50 countries around the globe. And here in the United States, they are available in around 25 cities.

Solutions may be as easy as getting your site administrator to swap out a few images (like those on your home page). Updating content can freshen your site too. If you are willing and able to do this yourself, then the result may be well worth the effort. Remember to create a supporting market announcement regarding the updated site. Send out emails to suppliers and clients who opted for these types of communications.

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