Basic Seo Strategies You Need To Understand

A thought of a good content for your website, may bring monotony to you. But, wait, how will attract potential customers to your site, be it any kind of business?

Google loves links, and it’s too hard to get them unasked for. So ask! Send out 5000 emails cadging links to your .info domain. Don’t bother proof-reading it, they’ll only skim it. When they agree to a swop, you’ll be too busy to reciprocate. That’ll be a one-way link, then, ha ha!

Site Content – Your site’s content should be relevant to the niche you are promoting. kansas city web design plays a key role here. Remember search engines have a pretty good idea on what people are looking for and therefore expect you to build your site accordingly. Be very careful on how much you use you keywords within your content, for example say you have an article of 100 words and you use your keyword 10 times which equals out to 10% than you may be penalized for keyword stuffing. Try to keep keyword or keywords usage at about 5%. Make sure to use your keywords in your header tags.

Match the terms you use to drive the traffic to your website in a PPC ad, article link, etc. to the terms on the landing page they arrive at. It should feel like a seamless transition for the folks who follow your signs to your lovely website. There should be no doubt in your prospect’s mind that they came to the right place for what they’re looking for.

If, for example, I want to PPC advertise on just a small, local scale, I can do so because PPC allows me to direct my campaign to within, say, a 20 mile radius of my place of business.

The trick is in finding a product that has a better conversion rate than 1% and market that. If you market a product that converts at 5% that means that 5 in every 100 visitors buys the product. Now go up there and divide each of those numbers by 5 and see what you get.

What can I possibly do with 4 accounts you ask? I don’t know myself. But one thing is for sure. It beats being ahead in this technology driven world. Needed or not, it should be tried. My emails are numerous, while my Blogs range from SEO, to work, to dogs! This is the curse of the new media. There will always be something out there that needs experimentation. Media planning is a skill that involves technical expertise, online marketing know-how, tough negotiation flair and down-right street smarts! In such a competitive industry, strategic media planning is the way to go to stretch your advertising budget.

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