The Advantages Of Hayward Pool Pumps

It is spring again, and many people are starting to open their pools. Families invite their friends to meet and enjoy their company. Share good wine, delicious food, a barbecue and endless talks. The gardens offer a perfect venue and swimming pools become the center of the ocassion where everyone can swim, play and relax.

Energy-efficiency is a common concern among new pool pump buyers. You can easily see this on the main unit. Look closely as it is usually written on a name plate in fine print. The wrong pool pump can lead to higher energy consumption and outrageous electricity bills. Higher power doesn’t exactly mean higher efficiency so make sure you’re buying the right pump for your pool. Otherwise, you might end up spending on something that would be of no use.

Damage to the seals of pool and spa pumps, takes place because of overheating, vibration, and a sudden change in water pressure. There are some cases where dirt get trapped between the faces of the seal. This can cause damage to the seal as well which results in a leak. Once you develop a leak on you pump, it will only get worst; thus, the shaft seal has to be replace.

Keeping a good flow of water through your pool or spa is as important as the pool filters. In this day and age pumps have become more powerful and durable. The Palmetto Pool Heaters today have been made to use less energy, so if you want to be green and help energy consumption by reducing your cost on electricity there are pumps than can do exactly what you are looking for. These pumps can keep the flow of water going just the same but use less energy.

No matter how big or small your pool may be or how well you decorate it up with imported tiles, floating rafts, gushing fountains, and shimmering water – the one thing that your pool cannot do without is the pool pump. You can get a lot of varieties of pumps and you need to know how to actually choose the best one for your individual pool.

Size of the swimming pool. The size of the pool will determine the amount of water it can support. After measuring the amount of water the pool can hold, the owner can calculate the flow rate of the pool. Flow rate is the amount of water that can be circulated within a specific period of time and the unit of measure is gallons per minute or gpm.

The biggest costs in running a pool are pumping, heating and cleaning – much of which can be significantly cut by simply getting efficient, and using solar energy solutions. Giving your pool a solar make-over with a solar pool heater and using a solar pump will not only save you money but reduce your environmental footprint. Learn more about solar powered pool pumps and other solar powered pool accessories.

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