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Every person at least once in life was thinking of moving to another town. Many Belarusian people, for example, are eager to move to Minsk, rent an apartment and find a well-paid job in the capital. And vice-versa, families from Moscow more and more often are looking for an opportunity to buy a house or an apartment in the suburbs in order to lead a healthy life. Obviously, it’s more pleasant to smell flowers instead of dirty smog. Water is undoubtedly a treasure nowadays, so a strange substance full of chemicals, that we are provided in megalopolises can’t be compared with fresh water in small towns. What is more important, the cost of an apartment in Minsk, Moscow or New-York is much higher than in other cities.

They’re assuming that I’m the Real estate witness experts. They don’t want to have a business plan that has a lot of lingo in it and a lot of language about lease options and all that stuff. Just be careful on how much lingo you use. Keep the language fairly simple so a non-real estate investor could at least understand it and appreciate it.

Banks, naturally, love to loan money to people with good credit. Unlike buying a car or getting a credit card, they are a bit more lenient when it comes to credit blemishes. This is because a house generally appreciates in value over time, thus becoming a powerful piece of collateral in and of itself. Therefore, there is less risk on the part of the bank. Even so, you’ll find it difficult to get a good mortgage without good credit. Know your credit score and make sure your credit reports accurately reflect your history.

That’s an interesting point. The condition of the house was not as important because you heard the old saying about location, location, location. I don’t blame you for not having an inspection done because it looked good to you. You tested the tank and it flushed fine. The floors didn’t squeak and the place smelled great. The highway wasn’t an issue as long as you had some music on…and you always leave the TV on anyway. Okay…really?

Here’s the key thing: you need enough money for a down payment on the 2nd house. You aren’t going to sell house #1 and use your equity for the down payment on house #2. Bottom line: You need to have enough cash set aside for the down payment on house #2.

There are differing opinions on whether a home should be staged to look perfect, or whether people like to walk into a home that is completely empty; which is better?

If you’re doing any of the above, you’re sabotaging your social media efforts. Start over and do it right. Or don’t do it at all. You’ll free up a ton of time.

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