Personal Branding: Seven Social Media Branding Mistakes

I began with an intention to educate some of my friends on business tool. I was researching ways to turn my intentions into a focused plan and create step-by-step instruction on developing a seminar.

Make sure you schedule a reminder to everyone that has signed up so that they have the call details on the morning of the call. I normally get around 30% of people who have signed up to my call actually turn up on the live call. When you do your first call, if not many people actually turn up live on the call, don’t worry too much as that is quite normal. If you schedule a reminder to everyone that signed up on that morning saying “Just to remind you of all the call details…” you will have a far higher chance of people turning up on that live call if you send that reminder than if you don’t.

My role at Revolution is largely focused on helping with our effort to make disciples. I spend most of my days counseling folks, working through specific difficult issues. Sometimes it means helping them strategize to fight sin, other times it is helping them deal with grief, depression, relationship issues, etc. I try to take on some of our young men and help them see where they can best be used by God in our fellowship, and I also do a fair amount of teaching in small group settings. My focus is really on trying to help the individuals in our congregation grow in godliness through understanding God’s Word and how it applies to their life.

Regardless of how you plan to use Twitter, go ahead and make that decision before setting up an account. If you want to use it for business purposes, determine who your potential customers would be. If you plan to use Twitter for personal reasons, make that decision ahead of time, too. It can get confusing and problematic if you try to toggle back and forth between business and personal messages on your Twitter account.

I think when people ask this question, they are really asking: “How do I get one million customers during the night.” Sorry Charlie, unless you are already a relationship of several million dollars, it is probably not. In fact, most companies billions of dollars that just started using the social media marketing, or even millions of fans!

The beauty of this is that when they reply or retweet you, you and your call will show up to their best place to buy twitter followers 2018. Also, because they’re more famous than you are, chances are they’ve got more followers than you have. Another great thing to do is add a thing called TweetMeme to your sales page. It allows people to retweet that page link very, very easily and quickly when they visit the page.

Sell and Market your eBook once you have one ready to go! One of the greatest ways to utilize your eBook is as a giveaway item in exchange for the person’s name and email address. Once they trade you for their name and email address, you can later contact them with another product that you’ve created yourself or another plr product. The reason this works so well is because most people do not buy from you the first time they meet you. Think about it. The last time you purchased something, how many times did you visit that same web page before you bought? How many emails did you need to receive before you purchased?

Twitter Traffic Machine is a good buy and a wise investment offering very helpful information at a good price. Use it wisely to support your efforts to make friends and develop relationships on the net. But save the pitch until you can make a valid offer based on a genuine understanding of your followers and their needs.

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