How To Achieve Best WordPress Seo

Initially when I created my first blog there were many options. It wasn’t important which blogging application you chose (Blogger, WordPress etc.) because they were, at least in my mind, equal in in their functionality.

The hardest part of this whole process appears to be the research of markets for items to sell or that AdSense is paying for. Don’t expect to put up WordPress blogs something totally obscure and without a market and make money. At the same time, if your topic has a massive market with equally massive publishers, you might have to work extremely hard to get your product in front of that market. It is all about finding the right keywords and the right market.

Templates – Develop the website themes or any other web templates such as WordPress web templates, include your own marketing information from the bottom of the web templates and give these away as totally free downloads or perhaps as being an electronic package. Give rights to the users to pass them along.

When your till bloggen blog is hosted by someone else they control its destiny. If they think your content is a bit too commercial, they can drop the hammer in a second without even bothering to tell you. Boom–no more customers. Of course, the hosted blogs won’t let you sell things directly off the site anyway.

Install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin – this won’t increase your search engine rank, but having a sitemap will help to ensure that the search engines index all the posts and pages of your blog. You can use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to create a sitemap for your blog.

On your WordPress dashboard scroll down the the bottom of your toolbar menu. Under the Tools menu, open the Import tab. You will see a choice of blogging platforms from which to import your blogs. Choose your blog platform. In my case, it is Blogger. A window will open with all your Blogger blogs listed (at least those that have been updated within the last month or so). I make it a point to update every blog at least once a month, and more obviously with the most popular blogs. If a blog doesn’t show up on the Import window, it’s because you haven’t recently updated it.

Read the article and comment appropriately. It’s strange but true that some people do not read the article and just leave generic comments. This doesn’t impress anyone and may lead to your comment being flagged as spam.

When you choose a hosting company you need to bear in mind your plans for your business for the future, not just for the present. Although you may start off with only one site, chances are you will want to grow more and to that end you will be pleased to have the right hosting already in place.

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