Green Lantern Valentines Day Part 1

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year by people and allows individuals to show the love they have for their beloved. Although all have special days, this particular day is accepted as a special day to espouse one’s love for another. Everyone has different ideas on how they would like to spend time with their nearest and dearest on this special day. It is a day to show your love, how special they are to you in your life.

I usually try to find heart patterns at my local craft store. I purchase glitter and ribbon to make homemade Valentine cards. There are just so much more personal and fun to do. I actually do not care ;for purchasing the store, not much creativity. The children actually enjoy pleasure in writing a personal note on the Valentine’s valentines day quotes for her card.

The Art of Seduction: This Valentines Day love song is by Maxi Priest and is from the film How Stella Got Her Groove Back. This song makes the list because it is a good song to get in a romantic mood.

After the wonderfully surprising dinner spend a little time dancing slowly and seductively with your partner. It doesn’t take long for romance to explode. Ladies ask him to paint your toenails red. Men tell her you would love to paint her toenails a beautiful red color. Make sure you have red nail polish. As you do this suggest a fantasy vacation of ultimate romance and excitement for two. You don’t have to take the vacation to make it sound so good it feels real.

Of course you know that your loved one is sweet, and you should definitely tuck in some sweets. f your husband loves chocolate chip cookies whip up a batch to include. Blondie brownies, fudges, no bake cookies, and peanut butter chocolate are all sure to please. Chocolate is often a pleaser, but do choose a tasty and quality chocolate such as Ferraro Rocher, or Ghiradelli.

Love Letter or Poem. There is nothing more romantic than a poem or a letter wrote from the heart. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, just take some time to write a few words on how much she means to you.

Mix up a batch of Rice Krispie squares but instead of using a pan, mould the rice cereal mixture with the aid of funnel coated with butter or margarine. Depending on the size of funnel used you should be able to make between six and twelve Rice Krispie kisses. To resemble a Hershey’s Kiss, wrap in foil and insert a little note that sticks out a little from the top.

Try these once or twice a week along with a longer, steady run. Of course do a proper warm up before exercising and always consult a physician before starting a new exercise program. Happy Valentines Day!

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