Box Office Chart For 2009: Top 10 Movies

Last week I did a review of a website called Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes is a website that collects movie reviews for movies and based on the percentage of good reviews a movie receives Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a rating out of 100. For example, if a movie is reviewed 100 times and the movie got 73 good reviews then the score is 73%.

2) Slumdog Millionaire (1). Slumped from #8 to #13 at the box office-despite actually increasing its gross 46 percent from the previous weekend-but should hold strong as awards continue to roll in.

Here is where the movie plays with genre expectations and expertly uses dramatic irony. Sam makes a few discoveries that are a little disconcerting, yet not enough so to believe she’s in danger. The clever thing is that the audience interprets these things very differently than Sam because we know we’re watching a slasher movie. This allows the plot to be both believable and also frightening.

I still don’t know what possessed me to rent #53 on the list, Envy. I’m strangely entertained by Jack Black and everything he does but I should’ve known that the crapiness that is Ben Stiller would have negated Jack’s awesomeness. Speaking of Ben Stiller, where in the world is Along Came Polly. That is the worst movie ever.

And just when you would think these fiendishly hardy minions would be all that would appear, now factors in the forgotten compost pile of doom. So the tens and tens of Avast Customer Service Number after the frost that were not just left in the garden proper, the ones just too plentiful to justify, would up in the compost pile.

Remember back in the day when there were good Christmas movies like The Christmas Story and Gremlins? Yeah, well not anymore. The Christmas movie is possibly the worst genre today with garbage like #68 Surviving Christmas, #63 Deck the Halls and #18 Christmas with the Cranks. These movies make me actually want to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Rob Zombie has stated he is done with the “Halloween” franchise. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the studio has already announced it will release a third Halloween film next year in 3D. It’s hard to imagine them producing something worse than this film, but let’s not give them something to shoot for. The film is rated R for horror violence, language and nudity.

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