Bin Laden’s Airport Security Victory

Some things in life boggle me. Why are so many people rubbing silver shiny screens in the early morning commute to work? Is it so pleasurable stroking the iPad and fingering the BlackBerry? I will rather play with a sanitary pad on my way to work. The many complexities of this simple product never fail to amaze me – the shape, the wings, the supreme absorbency, and the way they resemble velvety Beijing soup dumplings in a choked bar toilet bowl.

If you are traveling with children who cannot walk through the detector without assistance or animals, you should carry them through the metal detector. Strollers, child seats and pet carriers must be scanned by the X-ray machine with your baggage. Children under 12 can leave their shoes on. Children will not be separated from their parents.

We ate great seafood and fresh vegetables during our trip, interviewed terrific couples for our next book about successful marriage, videotaped an upcoming television show about our newest book, and, all and all, had a grand California time. It was a wonderful trip, but the journey home was a nightmare.

Many people do not realize the gravity of experiencing a break-in. Not only can items be stolen, but so can information. If you have the credit card information of customers on the computers, they are at risk during a break-in. In some cases, that could be the sole purpose of breaking into a business.

In March, O’Hare airport in Chicago debuted its first full The Daily Scanner and by July the number increased to 23. TSA plans to install 800 more at U.S. airports by the end of this year. By the end of 2011 over half of all security lanes will be equipt with the “naked image” technology.

How much risk “backscatter” x-ray machines exposure creates is not known. In fact, Oz said that no amount of radiation has ever been proven safe, stating that they (medical community) just don’t know. Yet, TSA has no plans to slow down or stop employing full body scanners at U.S. airports.

As journalists, I believe it is our duty to talk about these issues and try to get the public to do something. Does anyone really believe the world is safer from possible terrorists just because someone got to see a big breasted woman naked via a high tech peepshow? What next? Being forced to fly completely naked? Forcing everyone to wear TSA approved undies? I urge you to talk, write and broadcast about this issue. Perhaps, sanity will finally prevail.

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